Go on about sth:to keep talking about someone or something, especially when other people think it is boring. To continue or speak for a tedious or exasperating length of time. 【(以令人厌烦或恼火的方式)唠叨个不停、纠结于某事、紧抓某人或某事不放、抓住某个小辫子不松手】

看绝望的主妇学高频短语:Go on about sth

以下是英语高频短语“Go on about sth”在美剧《绝望主妇》中的情景例句:

E.G.1:All right? I’m fine. Why do you keep going on about this? Because if you don’t change who you are then you won’t go to heaven. (DH S01E19 36:28)

E.G.2:All these weeks,Sam has been going on About how his mother was dead, And the whole time,She has been at howe’s market,In a smock,stacking cans. (DH S06E21 25:17)

E.G.3:You’re always going on about working late and sleeping in the office, and meanwhile, you’re hanging out at dive bars picking up trash. I don’t like your accusation. (DH S08E12 39:47)

E.G.4:Uh, is this weird, me going on about how happy I am while you’re all sad and single? — Actually, I’m hoping I won’t be single for long. I’ve decided to try to get Tom back. (DH S08E18 08:29)
参考翻译:嗯,这样说有点奇怪,我一直在说我有多么幸福,而你却很难过而且单身。- 其实,我希望我不会太久单身。我决定试着挽回汤姆。


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