“Adjective + at best” is a grammar structure used to express a negative assessment of something, indicating that the quality or the outcome of that thing is the best that can be expected, but still falls short of being satisfactory. It’s often used to indicate that something is inadequate, imperfect, or unsatisfactory. (“at best”常用于表示结果仍然不尽如人意,可翻译为:充其量、顶多只能算。)

名词/形容词 + "at best"句法结构

中文释义:“形容词+at best”是一种语法结构,用于表达对某事的负面评价,表示该事物的质量或结果最好只能达到这个程度,仍然不令人满意。它常用于表明某事物不够完美、不充分或不令人满意。

E.G.1:The evidence we have is minimal at best. Mrs. Van de kamp was gracious enough to come down here and take that lie detector test. (DH S02E05 09:06)

E.G.2:Come on. Talk to us. How’s your marriage? — Shaky at best. (DH S02E05 15:34)

中文释义:“noun + at best” is a grammar structure used to express the highest possible level of something, but with the understanding that it is still limited or not ideal. It implies that the thing being described is not very good, and that even at its best, it is still not great. (充其量是/充其量只能算)

“名词加上at best”则用于表达某事物的最高水平,但理解为仍有限或不理想。它意味着所描述的事物不是很好,即使在它的最佳状态下,它仍然不是很好。

E.G.3:So it was a pyrrhic [‘pɪrɪk(付出极大代价而获得的)] victory at best. Well, look, I’m just bringing this up because I don’t want people on this street thinking that they’re safe when they’re not. (DH S06E03 10:20)

E.G.4:You are a guest in her house, and a temporary one at best. (DH S03E09 25:42)

以下是更多形容词+“at best”的相关例句:

  • The food at the restaurant was mediocre at best.  这家餐厅的食物最多只能算中等。
  • His chances of passing the test are slim at best他通过考试的机会充其量只有一线之希望。
  • The repair job on my car was haphazard at best. 修理我的汽车工作质量充其量只能算马虎。
  • The new policy is confusing at best and downright contradictory at worst. 新政策最好只能说令人困惑,最坏的情况是完全矛盾。

以下是更多名词+“at best”的相关例句:

  • His singing ability is mediocre at best. 他的唱歌能力充其量只能算是平庸的。
  • The restaurant’s service is slow at best. 这家餐厅的服务充其量只能算是慢的。
  • Her chances of winning the race are slim at best. 她赢得比赛的机会充其量只能算是微乎其微的。
  • The team’s chances of making it to the playoffs are uncertain at best. 这支球队进入季后赛的机会充其量只能算是不确定的。


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