How+adj+a/an/the +noun+verb/Clause (从句)


E.G.1:I’ve seen and experienced just how big an impact local government makes in people’s lives. And I’ll never stop fighting to make our systems work for all of us. 波士顿市长Michelle Wu(吴弭 mǐ)演讲

E.G.2:How many cars are in the parking lot at Walmart indicates how big a quarter they’re gonna have. (Billions S02E02 09:46)

E.G.3:easonable people can disagree about how great a man or how great a public servant Rick Santorum is, (The Newsroom S01E06 45:29)

E.G.4:I think people will want to fly once they realize how cool the platform is. (Sillion Valley S03E09 12:10)

E.G.5:I can afford this one, which will give you some idea how crappy the neighborhood is.


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