DH S02E03 Part01



Keep sb against their will:


Grown Concerned:

: 愈加 build up angry/resentment

Lapse: collapse

Glaring: conspicuous

Remain inconspicuous / keep a low profile


More than happy

Agenda behind the question.

Have an agenda on / behind. – ulterior motive

Given any thought to sth when you might be ending your visit? 你有没有想过…

Play sth by ear: 见机行事、

Dodge the question/ being evasive

Take place

Formal attire: 职业装,正式服装

Gown / black-tie = tuxedo [tʌk’siːdəʊ]

Some of whom


As one affair ends, another begins, and yet another is exposed.

While some people can’t wait to get out of the house, others are being kept there against their will.


It never occurs to the three girls that while they were busy playing out their fantasy, one of the older girls in the neighborhood was engaging in a fantasy of her own.


Took satisfaction in doing sth:

Merchandise /goods


Custody agreement:

Court order:

Would ….if….

Grace period:

All for sb doing sth: 对某事不同有异议、表示认可与赞同

Maternal type:


Smoking joint: 纵酒狂欢或放荡享乐的派对

School suppliers:

Neat: pleasing shape or appearance.

Put a pose:

I’ll see what I can do.

Rain on one’s parade:

Manipulate: To control sth or sb to one’s advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly.

Give sb one’s due: 成全某人/顺水推舟

Anomaly: deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Be at liberty to do sth:

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I was incapable of hurting him.

Just so (that): 指导的目的状语从句

In order that/ to the end that/ for the purpose that

All I’m saying is…

Raving loon/kook: 胡说八道的疯子

Statement: 供述、陈述、口供

To one’s way of thinking.

There be…

There’re two kinds of pains.

There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong. Or useless pain, the sort of pain that’s only suffering.

Rush to judgement

Push sb around:


Cell /behind bars: 委婉

In real marriages, wives are faithful,

Husbands remember anniversaries.

Equating (doing)sth with (doing)sth:把两件事情相提并论

Withdraw/ retract:

Follow sth up with sth:

A woman does need to be loved, and since you didn’t give it to me, I had to find it elsewhere.



Drama behind the scene:

Count the ways:

Reliving / 倒带人生


Limited Edition


Tickled the ivories:

借代 隐喻

Detergent commercial:

Fake happy face.—Fake happy marriage

猛扎 take a deep dive

Falls into the same category

Sb know one’s sth:

Be proficient in:

Have a good command of:

Have a flare for:

Von Trapps: The sound of music

Maria von Trapp


Keep a low profile: /key

Accompany sb on the Piano ():

I’d invite you both in, but I was sort in the middle of sth.

To fit in (with): an environment/ a group of people


How about the people that don’t have the kids? Did you ever consider that they might need a little more balance in their lives, hmm?

Matinee: afternoon performance in a theatre or cinema.


Personal experience

Social fairness


Elbow her way up in the

Go out on a limb

Leisure time and recreation opportunities that every girl could gain access easily,

Cheer sb up:

put sb together:

take aback:

on display




I’m sure he’s out there somewhere trying to find his father, which I trust you made impossible.

Ruse: an action intended to deceive some, a trick.

Go through with it:

At some point:  at some moment that is not specific.

I don’t like to be negative


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