DH S02E07 Part04


With regards to household chores.

merciless: ruthless / exquisite egoist.

Ripen/ get a little rounder/ plump

Cash cow: 现金牛

Fat hausfrau:

Basic flaw:

Give sb the satisfaction of doing sth.



Grow attached to sth/sb:

She’s just not the maternal type.

Motherhood gene.

Tell sb how madly you’re in love with your new little baby.

Resist the urge: impulse


Positively glowing: glowing letters of recommendation.

Radiant: 光彩照人的


Cut sb out of sth: exclude/repel

Sb’s on a strict/crash


Crash dieting:

Embryonic facial treatment:

I figured (that)

Maternity clothes.

Designer labels.

Strip mall


Yes, cameras are tools designed to capture images. But, in truth, they can capture so much more.

They can uncover hidden longing of man who should no longer care.

The ship has sailed, why are you so torned about the water under the bridge.

They could reveal the extraordinary secrets of the most ordinary marriages.

Torrid love-making.

Most amazing of all, cameras can quietly and clearly reveal to us our dreams—dreams we didn’t even know we had.

The passage highlights the profound nature of cameras as tools that extend beyond their surface function of capturing images. While cameras are commonly used to document moments and preserve memories, they possess the ability to provide deeper insights into our lives and relationships.

Firstly, cameras serve as reminders of the journeys we have undertaken throughout our lives. They capture not only the physical aspects of our experiences but also the emotions and connections we have formed with loved ones. By revisiting these images, we are reminded of the people who have accompanied us on our life’s path and the memories we have shared.

Additionally, cameras have the power to reveal hidden longings and desires within individuals who may outwardly appear content or indifferent. They can capture glimpses of unfulfilled yearnings and expose the complexities of human emotions, even in those who may have resigned themselves to certain circumstances.

Furthermore, cameras can uncover the extraordinary secrets that lie within seemingly ordinary marriages. They have the ability to capture intimate moments and unveil the layers of relationships that may be hidden from the outside world. Through the lens of a camera, the true dynamics and complications of a partnership can be revealed, providing a deeper understanding of the complexities of marriage.

Ebb and flow:

Most remarkably, cameras have the capacity to illuminate our dreams and aspirations, often ones that we may not have consciously acknowledged. They can capture fleeting moments of inspiration, glimpses of possibilities, and hints of unexplored desires. By capturing these images, cameras bring our subconscious dreams into focus, allowing us to discover new facets of ourselves and our aspirations.

Overall, the passage emphasizes that cameras go beyond their technical purpose and possess the ability to capture the essence of our lives. They serve as powerful tools that reveal the multifaceted nature of human experiences, unravel hidden emotions, expose the depths of relationships, and illuminate our dreams.

You look good, so we’re gonna go ahead and start.

One quick, I guess, word of introduction to the workshop today is…

Next week we’re gonna talk about taking better lecture notes.

What/ why/ when/ who/where/how/



Active vocabularies.

语块 单词/词组/习语/俚语

For what it’s worth

Just so you know

Just so we’re clear

Let me put it this way

As a matter of fact

With all due respect.

Don’t take it personally.

Here’s what I wanna say, to begin/start with…

To start off…

First and foremost…

As a result…

Suffice it to say

Quote … and unquote.

ESL Learner.

Hearing and listening are not the same thing.



Extensive listening/ intensive listening.

Signal words/key words


The idea is

Taking notes

We wanna try to get that stronger today and if you’re able to be back the next week.

精听训练:stamina. 1,2,5 像一束激光一样聚集


Give sb a quick introduction

Walk sb through…

Establish an index which will allow you to retrieve the information quickly and precisely.

Familiar path -à>

Have a hard time concentrating when somebody’s talking to you.

Ring it up.

Put into one’s order:

Split the bill / check/


Come again? Catch phrase.

There’s a lot of reason why people have hard time concentrating.





As the evening wore on.

Failed to materialize:

Female ensemble show:


Ensemble – disparate / distinctive

Despite being a country of huge statistics and sort of shock and awe statistics.

Translation in Chinese: “Shock and awe”

After really tough modern histories and the aspirations of Chinese people, that is after all the faith/fifth of humanity.


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