Get sucked into sth: be forced to become involved in something; to become involved in a situation when you do not want to be involved. (无奈或被迫卷入某事)

看美剧学实用短语:Get sucked into sth

以下是高频短语“Get sucked into sth”在美剧片断中的情景例句:

E.G.1:You didn’t get sucked into the drama. You invited it in. — That’s not true. You’ve spent an hour obsessing over your ex-boyfriend, even though he’s an ex-con who very possibly strangled your neighbor. (DH S01E17 36:05)

E.G.2:It’s like it’s raining. – Pretty cool, huh? –But if you think a fish wouldn’t get sucked into the mechanism… (Friends S06E16 03:03)

E.G.3:Look, I refuse to get sucked into…this weird little Geller dimension thing, okay? So I’m gonna go take a nice long hot bubble bath… because you kids are driving me crazy! (Friends S02E17 16:52)


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