Hung up on someone:1、Ends a telephone conversation before the conversation it’s finished or to quit dealing with someone. (挂断某人电话);2、Loving someone who does not love you, or having great or excessive interest in or preoccupation with someone, usually used with the one had already broke up.(暗恋某人,日思夜想思念某人,口语中通常指已经分手的前任)

Hung up on sb




Bree: Andrew, this is your mother. 安德鲁 我是妈妈

——>> I am rapidly reaching the end of my patience with you. 我马上就要失去耐性了

——>> Where are you? Are you at a bar? 你在哪 你在酒吧吗

——>> Andrew? Andrew? 安德鲁 安德鲁

Danielle: Mom? 怎么了,妈妈?

Bree: He hung up on me. 他挂我电话

Hung up on sb-暗恋某人



JustinYou still hung up on your mysterious married lady? 你还在暗暗思念那位神秘已婚女士吗?

——>> What is it with her? Besides the obvious, of course. 她有什么好 当然 除了美貌

JohnWe talk about real stuff, you know. 我们的话题很现实

——>> She doesn’t treat me like some lame yard boy. 她不拿我当只会打理草坪的傻小子看

这里的“Hang up on someone”指的是:“心里总想着某人”的意思。而且通常情况下是单方面的,被惦记的那个人很有可能一无所知。



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