Lash out at someone:“Lash out at someone” is an idiom in English that means to suddenly express strong anger, criticism, or disapproval towards someone. It often involves responding to a situation with intense emotions, usually in a harsh or confrontational manner.

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“对某人发作,如痛打、狠批某人” 是英语中的习语,意味着突然表达对某人的强烈愤怒、批评或不满。通常涉及以激烈的情绪回应某种情况,通常以一种严厉或对抗性的方式。该短语可以直接以动词形式出现,也可以接地点。

以下是“Lash out at someone”在美剧语料库中的相关例句:

E.G.1:You’re here because your fears are affecting your work, and now you’re trying to find a time where I failed at my job so that you can lash out at me. (Suits S05E05 30:17)

E.G.2:I’m saying that if you think Louis should be sorry for lashing out at you, the least you can do is apologize for lashing back at him. (Suits S05E08 08:15 )

E.G.3:So you’re saying that this has nothing to do with you lashing out at me because of the fight we had before? (Suits S05E11 33:46 )

E.G.4:That’s why you’re lashing out in here, defensive, allowing your rage at yourself to manifest in boorish, childish behavior.

E.G.5:The world is filled with people who do ugly things. Why do they act this way? Some lie to keep from losing what they love. Some lash out because they fear the future. (DH S07E13 42:06)


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