On one’s terms:According to the conditions or preferences that someone has specified or desires. If you do something on your terms, you do it under conditions that you decide because you are in a position of power. (按照某人的条件或偏好)

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以下是高频短语“On one’s terms”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

You know, David, you could tell me to stop. Just tell me to stop, and I will. Or you can have me right now — on my terms. (DH S02E10 33:16)

He didn’t die on his terms, Andrew. He paid for what he did to your father. (DH S02E10 33:16)

They squirm for a day or two, reevaluate, and come back to us on our terms. (Suits S02E04 17:29)

And, Amy, you need to be patient with Sheldon, instead of pressuring him to accept intimacy on your terms. (TBBT S07E10 17:14)

扩展表达:“On good/great/decent/excellent terms(关系融洽)”、”On bad terms(关系恶劣)”、“On speaking terms(有交情)”

“On good terms” 、 “on bad terms” 和”on speaking terms”常用于描述两个或更多人之间关系状态的短语。

当两个人被说成是 “on good terms” 时,意味着他们之间有着积极友好的关系。他们可能相互尊重、有效沟通,并且通常享受彼此的陪伴。保持良好关系对于维护积极和支持性的环境特别重要,特别是在专业或社交场合。

另一方面,当两个人被说成是 “on bad terms” 时,意味着他们之间有着消极紧张的关系。他们可能怀有负面情绪,如怨恨、愤怒或不信任,并且可能难以有效地沟通。处于不良状态可能会引发紧张和冲突,并可能导致回避甚至公开敌对。

“on speaking terms” 指的是两个或多个人之间的关系状态。当两个人被说成是 “on speaking terms” 时,意味着他们能够彼此交流,但关系可能不是特别亲密或友好。这个短语通常意味着中立甚至略微消极的关系,当事人可能曾经有过一些冲突或分歧。虽然他们仍然能够互相交谈,但关系可能缺乏温暖或亲密感。

All they need to know is that you’re back and we’re on good terms. (DH S03E11 35:00)

Because Zach would never forgive me. And it’s important that we be on good terms, seeing as how he’s going to be living with me now. (DH S01E21 24:14)

Mom, it’s okay. You know, you’ve got a new life, and I think it’s time I did, too. I just don’t want us to part on bad terms again, like we did two years ago. (DH S04E08 33:48)

And what is his second reason for avoiding us? He says he parted with Your Lordship on bad terms. He felt it might be embarrassing. (DA S02E04 19:32)

You got a great group of friends. Reach out to them. — I can’t. We’re not on speaking terms right now. Well, I’m sure you can fix that. (DH S08E09 13:10)
参考翻译:你有一群很棒的朋友。联系他们吧。- 我联系不了。我们现在没什么交情。- 嗯,我相信你可以解决这个问题。

Why didn’t you call us? Well, Teddy, you know your mother and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms. (GLC S04E15 04:23)


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