Put sth behind sb:“Put the past behind sb” means to overcome or leave behind a difficult or unpleasant experience or situation; To forget or forgive past experiences or actions and move on from them. It means to stop dwelling on negative experiences or grudges from the past. (既往不咎;意味着克服或离开一个困难或不愉快的经历或情境)

看绝望的主妇学高频短语:Put sth behind sb

中文释义:“让过去的过去” 意味着忘记或原谅过去的经历或行动,并从中走出来。克服或离开一个困难或不愉快的经历或情境,这意味着停止纠缠过去的负面经历或怨恨。

以下是高频短语“Put sth behind sb”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:

E.G.1:I would give up a houseful of expensive junk just to put this behind us and have you home with me. (DH S01E10 29:59)

E.G.2:That doesn’t seem like something Mary Alice would do. Neither did suicide, but we both know she did it. So, can we finally put this behind us? (DH S01E20 29:02)

E.G.3:But now we can put it behind us, get back to how we were, start to build our life together. (DH S07E15 20:17)

E.G.4:I miss her. I miss us being us. So whatever happened, we need to put it behind us and go help Bree. (DH S03E13 33:33)


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