Pit sb against someone:to put someone in opposition or competition with someone else. to cause (someone or something) to fight or compete against another person or thing.  (挑拨他人的关系,使两方或多方形成对立面或竞争关系。对应中文语境:给他人挖坑,使其相争斗以坐收渔利)

Pit sb against sb

以下是高频短语“Pit sb against someone”在电影美剧片断中的情景例句:

E.G.1:And if you remember that whole contest, you know that Chuck likes to pit people against one another. (Billions S03E05)


E.G.2:Mr. McAvoy, I find it reprehensible that the liberal media would try to pit Republicans against one another. (The Newsroom S01E09)


E.G.3:Whatever deal Cameron offered you, it’s based on a lie. He doesn’t have anything. He’s just trying to use your fear to pit you against Ava.(Suits S03E02)



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