Put sth pass someoneused to say that you would not be surprised if someone did something, especially something bad,you did not exclude someone from doing sth and you think they’re capable of doing it. (将某人排除于做某事之外、认定某人做某事不可能)

Put sth pass someone

以下是高频短语“Put sth pass someone”在电影美剧片断中的情景例句:

E.G.1:She must have found a way to blackmail him. — You don’t mean that. — I wouldn’t put it past her. (DA S06E05)

参考翻译:她应该是找到一个勒索他的办法了。 — 这不会真是这么想的。– 我不排除她会那么做。

E.G.2:So what are you saying, that the twins murdered Martha? — Well, I wouldn’t put it past them. (DH S01E15)

参考翻译:那么你的意思是双胞胎谋杀了玛莎? — 好吧,我不排除他们有这个嫌疑。


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