看美剧学英语高频短语:Put out

Put out:1、Extinguish or quench a fire or flame (熄灭);2、Publish, release or distribute something for public consumption. (发布;分发、派发、出版);3、Make an effort, try to achieve something (努力做某事,付出努力或代价以达成某事);4、To make sth avaliable to be brought, used, etc. 【拿出、某物以备销售或使用】5、to engage in sexual intercourse or have sex with someone, (especially for a woman)to agree to have sex. (同意与某人发生关系,尤指屈服或非自愿)。

看美剧学英语高频短语:Put out

E.G.1:I think I’m being blackmailed. And when I realized I couldn’t put out the fire, I ran. I must’ve dropped the measuring cup in the process. (DH S1E04 28:05)【熄灭】

E.G.2:I was a volunteer fireman. I put out fires, I got kittens out of trees,the whole nine yards. (DH S02E10 40:04)【熄灭】

E.G.3:I hate possums. — Not as much as me. I put out poison, but it ate around it. (DH S04E06 15:38)【分发】

E.G.4:Rachel, get the soundboard set up. Melissa, Megan, start putting out the food. (DH S08E05 32:54)【分发】

E.G.5:He’s like the Glenn Beck of Egypt and he’s the president of a television station. He put out a call to protest a movie called “Muhammad’s Tribe.” (TNR S02E07 43:43 )【发布】

E.G.6:Seth, it’s me. He just left. Talk to him and put out a press release. Let’s make this as smooth as possible. (HOC S02E07  40:06)【发布】

E.G.7:Hey, put that down! – Peter…We need to put out a statement. Call me when you’re prepared to do that. (HOC S01E11 06:20)【发布】
参考翻译:嘿,放下那个! – 彼得…我们需要发布一份声明。准备好后给我打电话。

E.G.8:I hate to interrupt you while you’re on the verge of solving PI, but they’re about to put out a new count on the bird surplus. (Billions S04E03 37:22)【发布】

E.G.9:If you want somebody to just sit at her desk, answer your phones, and pick up your dry cleaning, then put out a want ad, because that’s not me. (Suits S03E06 25:56)【发布】

E.G.10:I know plenty about how Axe Capital works…the dirty edge…the proprietary trading techniques. I know how the secret sauce is made. Yeah. I’m sure you could put out a Schott’s miscellany about the place. (Billions S01E02 33:36)【出版】
参考翻译:我知道很多关于艾克斯资本的工作方式…肮脏的边缘…专有的交易技巧。我知道秘密酱是怎么制作的。是啊。我确定你可以出版一本关于这个地方的《Schott’s miscellany》。

E.G.12:You don’t have to get undressed for this. Oh, uh, I-I, uh…Then why did you put out a gown? (DH S02E23 23:24)【拿出某物以备用】

E.G.13:Oh, but before you go, won’t you come and see the mementoes of the wedding of Tsar Alexander II’s daughter? Lord Grantham had them put out especially for you to see. (DA S05E03 43:03)【拿出某物以供展示】

E.G.14:Now listen up, the pair of you. I haven’t been sitting around in butt floss all night for my help. You’re putting out. (DH S05E18 26:24)【同意发生关系,这个不剪】

E.G.15:Here’s the part I can’t get over. You never put out for this guy? — No. No, I barely remember him. (DH S07E14 33:10)【同意发生关系】
参考翻译:这里有我无法理解的部分。你从来没有对这个男人发生关系吗?– 没有。没有,我几乎都不记得他了。

E.G.16:But third time out, I dropped 200 bucks at la rive gauche, And bam! you finally put out. Finally made love. (DH S06E15 10:37)【同意发生关系】

E.G.17:The rebel’s virgin daughter is about to be seduced by the escaped desperado. So until she puts out, Juanita won’t even know that I’m gone. (DH S01E05 22:41)【同意发生关系】

Pub sb out:1、Force someone to leave a place or job (让某人离开);2、To annoy or bother someone, to cause sb to do extra work; to cause trouble for someone (给某人添麻烦或增加负担) 3、render the person unconscious or to sedate him for medical treatment or surgery. (使某人失去意识或者麻醉他进行医疗治疗或手术。)

E.G.1:I feel bad about putting you out like this, Tom. You’re not putting anybody out. You’ve been flying all day. (DH S01E21 23:41)【给某人添麻烦】

E.G.2:Why don’t you stop over some night for a home-cooked meal? Oh, that’s very kind of you, but I wouldn’t dream of putting you out. — Well, I won’t take no for an answer. (S03E14 19:59)【给某人添麻烦】
参考翻译:为什么不来过来过夜,一起享用家常餐点?哦,这真是太好了,但我不想给你添麻烦。– 好吧,我不会接受你的拒绝。

E.G.3:You know, sloughing things off onto coworkers because of a pediatrician appointment or a dance recital. I get really neurotic about putting people out. (DH S02E01 10:59 )【让某人离开】

E.G.4:He did his duty in delivering the Keystone State. Bless his heart. And now they’re about to put him out to pasture. But he looks happy, now doesn’t he? (HOC S01E01 02:36)【让某人离开】

E.G.5:Her roommate kicked her out. She doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Not our problem. I can’t put her out on the street. (HOC S02E10 01:44)【让某人离开】

E.G.6:His ribs are fractured, but he’ll recover. — Oh, thank God. — Before we put him out, he was asking for you. (WWK S01E08 38:26)【让某人昏迷、失去意识】
参考翻译:他的肋骨骨折了,但他会康复的。– 感谢上帝。– 在我们给他注射镇静剂之前,他一直在找你。”

E.G.7:You want me to put you out again? Open your mouth. Open it. — I won’t make any noise. (HOC S03E13 23:50)【让某人昏迷、失去意识】
参考翻译:你想让我再把你弄昏迷吗?张开嘴。张开。– 我不会发出任何声音。

E.G.8:In those glasses is a combination of chloral hydrate, ethanol, and iced tea. It’ll put you out until we get where we’re going. (White Collar S02E16 12:39)【让某人昏迷、失去意识】

E.G.9:What’s your leverage? The committee? That’s done. You see, you’ve already put out, Alex,  and Will Conway is not taking you to the prom. (HOC S05E05 22:03)【被淘汰出局】
参考翻译:你的筹码在哪里?委员会?那件事已经结束了。你已经付出了努力,Alex,Will Conway不会带你去舞会。

E.G.10:Our team was put out of the tournament in the first round. (我们的队伍在第一轮比赛中被淘汰出局了。)【被淘汰出局】

Pub sth out:1、Extend or stretch out a limb or body part;  (伸出、拨开、拧开、传开)

E.G.1:You know, put the word out there. – I’ve gotta tell you something.  Emphasize the motion detectors. (S02E01 16:13)【让某事物打开、传开、散开】
参考翻译:你知道的,把这个消息传出去。- 我得告诉你件事。强调一下运动检测器。

E.G.2:Uh… before you go… Open these, would you, and put out the pills? Don’t get your hands all over them. (DH S01E19 33:32 )【拧开(瓶盖)】
参考翻译:嗯,在你走之前,打开这些药,把药片放出来?不要让手弄脏了。(”put out”的意思是将药物取出来。这个短语通常用于指从容器中取出物品,例如从冰箱中取出食物,或从某个容器中取出药物。)


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