Real deal:An informal English phrase used to describe something or someone that is authentic, genuine, and of high quality. It is often used to describe a product, service, or experience that is truly what it claims to be, without any deception or imitation. Additionally, it can be used to describe a person who is truly skilled or talented in a particular field, or someone who is completely honest and trustworthy. (货真价实、真材实料)

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中文释义:“Real deal” 是一个非正式的英语短语,用于描述某物或某人是真实、真正的并且具有高质量。通常用于描述一个产品、服务或体验真实地符合其宣传内容,没有欺骗或仿制。此外,它还可用于形容某个领域内真正有技能或才华的人,或是完全诚实可信的人。

以下是高频短语“Real deal”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

E.G.1:Now I don’t think you have a problem with me as a lawyer.  Clearly, I’m the real deal. I sense your problem with me is more personal. (DH S02E05 34:08)

E.G.2:When we started this thing, I was just doing it to kiss your ass so Jessica would forgive me.– But you’re the real deal. (Suits S05E08 00:05)

E.G.3:That document’s the real deal, Harv, and as far as reputations go, I know all about your dirty dealings in the D.A.’s office. (Suits S02E04 36:14)

E.G.4:Huh, now, I’ve got the real deal. It was 9. Now, it’s 12. — Your real deal is a confessed murderer and a vindictive ex-employee. (Suits S03E07 20:56)
参考翻译:嗯,现在,我有真货了。它原本是9号,现在是12号。– 你的真货是一个已经承认罪行的凶手和一个心怀恶意的前雇员。


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