Red tape:It refers to excessive bureaucracy or formalities, often characterized by rigid procedures, paperwork, and administrative obstacles that can slow down or impede processes. It is a metaphorical expression describing the cumbersome and time-consuming nature of official procedures. (繁文缛节)

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中文释义:“Red tape” 指的是过多的官僚主义或繁琐的程序,通常表现为刻板的步骤、繁文缛节和行政障碍,可能会拖慢或阻碍流程。这是一个比喻,描述了官方程序繁琐而耗时的性质。

以下是“Red tape”在美剧语料库中的相关例句:

E.G.1:He wanted me to wait for a few months while he talked to lawyers and waded through a bunch of red tape. (DM S01E12 35:48)

E.G.2:No,there isn’t time for you to deal with the red tape. My spleen is going crinin into my heart, I need that operation now(DH S02E14 09:18)

E.G.3:They must have been trying to get it to me for weeks, but both our name changes made for a lot of red tape. (White Collar S04E08)

E.G.4:Don’t do this. – How many months do you want to spend trying to fight through some bureaucratic red tape to get that thing taken down (MF S06E20 16:50)
参考翻译:不要这么做。 – 你想花多少个月的时间努力挣脱一些官僚繁文缛节来让那个东西被拆除呢?


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