看美剧学高频短语:Ride sth out

Ride sth out:to succeed in surviving or getting through something dangerous or harmful that cannot be stopped or avoided. (挺过某个艰难的时刻)

Ride sth out

以下是高频短语“Ride sth out”在美剧片断中的情景例句:

E.G.1:(该剪辑来源于美剧《猫鼠游戏》S03E16 24:38)

No, we ride this out, and you’re put away for 20 years. — Well, maybe there’s another way.

E.G.2:(该剪辑来源于美剧《绝望的主妇》S05E15 09:14)

Papa suggested I go to New York to stay with Grandmama to ride it out. You can find some unsuspecting millionaire. Preferably one who doesn’t read English papers. (DA Christmas Special 2011 63:21)

E.G.3:(该剪辑来源于美剧《亿万》S02E02 44:30)

Jessica, it’s gonna be handled. I promise. Now, Rachel and I will work together, but she’ll be out front the whole time. Well, I guess we have no choice but to let her ride it out. (Suits S05E08 17:56)

E.G.4:(该剪辑来源于美剧《亿万》S02E02 44:30)

Bryan:I’m not here for another recruiting pitch. 我不想再听一场招聘宣讲了

Orrin:From the look in your eyes, 从你的眼睛我可以看出

——>> I’d say you have no real idea why you’re here.  你真的不知道自己为什么要来这里

Bryan:I just had to get out of that office. 我只是要远离那办公室

——>> Now it’s come to this,  the one person I can turn to — you. 然后就想到我唯一一个可以找的人 就是你

Orrin:That’s what the game does to you. 那是游戏规则使你如此

——>> I’m glad you called. 很高兴你能打来

Bryan:Nothing’s straightforward anymore. 再没有直白坦率的事了

——>> It’s barely recognizable. 踪迹全然无寻

——>> When I was in your class in law school, 我在法学院上你的课时

——>> we didn’t exactly cover… 我们并没有学到…

Orrin:The vagaries? — 变数

Bryan:Right. 没错

Orrin:What was I going to say, 我当时该怎么说呢

——>> “When you leave these walls,” 当你们离开这里走向社会

——>> none of what you do will even resemble 你们所做的与我们在这里讨论的

——>> the ideals discussed in this building, 写的清晰明了的理想案例

——>> what is so cleanly laid out in the books”? 甚至不会有丝毫相似”吗

Bryan:When I look around the office, I do not see friends. 当我环顾办公室 我看不到朋友

——>> There was a-a woman… a colleague. 有一个女人…一个同事

——>> Something good was starting. 本来有个好开始的

——>> But, uh, she saw me for what I was, 但她看穿了我

——>> what I was becoming, and then it was over.  看穿我的改变 然后就没有然后了

Orrin:To think that real relationships are possible 在这么一个大染缸里 你还奢望

——>> in such a cauldron. 有真正的情感关系

Bryan:I didn’t count on that. 我没那么大指望

——>> But I guess i did count on a shared mission. 但我想我确实指望着能有共同的目标

Orrin:Yet you stay. Yet you’re loyal to Rhoades. 然而你留下来了 然而你还是效忠于罗兹

Bryan:I can’t claim the moral high ground anymore. 我再也无法标榜自己占据道德高地了

——>> The Crim job. If I’m this conflicted now… 刑事主管的工作 如果我现在就那么矛盾

Orrin:There’s never been a leader of any merit who was free of those doubts. 从未有一个好领导可以逃避这些困惑

——>> But you can’t stop now. 但你现在不能停

——>> You need to feel what it will be like to sit in that office, 你要感受一下坐在那间办公室里

——>> to be the one making the decision. 运筹帷幄是什么感觉

——>> And to resolve those conflicts —还要体会如何解决这些困惑…

——>> both the ones in the office and inside yourself. 无论是职场上的还是你自己的困惑

Bryan:Yeah, maybe I’ll ride it out long enough to see.  好吧 也许我能坚持到亲眼见证的时候


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