Provision:1、an amount or thing supplied or provided. (食品或物料补给物或供应品)2、A condition or requirement in a legal document. (律:条款、规定、预先拟订的事项,常伴随着“Add”, “draft” 等词出现在 口语中。)3、The action of providing or supplying something for use. (提供、供给)


E.G.1:Twizzlers, Bit O’ Honeys, Juicy Fruit. Standard coding provisions. (Billions S03E06  36:52)

美剧语料库中关于“Provision”作为食物、的情景对话,以下内容摘自美剧《亿万》S04E10  16:48

390–“And for the record,  顺便声明一下

391–while the climate there may have been corrupt, 尽管那里风气败坏

392–I never was.  我素来持身很正

393–Exactly right. I’ll tack that on. 很对 我会添上这句

394–I would wait on line for exactly three things: 只有三件事情我甘愿排队等

395–One, the first batch of new Lemmon 714 quaaludes coming off the assembly line, 第一,刚从流水线上下来的 第一批柠檬714安眠药

396–Two, a chance to meet Ellen DeGeneres  第二,同艾伦·德詹尼丝见面的机会

397–and three, every time I go to Miami for some Joe’s Stone Crabs. 第三,我每次去迈阿密都会去乔的石蟹店排队

398–Which is to say: I come bearing provisions and news. And a bit of a tan. 也就是说 我带来了吃的和新闻以及深了一号的肤色

399–Is the news as good as the provisions? 新闻有食物这么好吗

E.G.1:I have a feeling there’ll be a provision buried in there that says that once the deal closes, you cut Sidwell out. (Suits S04E04  31:09)


E.G.2:Let’s strike the anti-collective bargaining provision from the bill. Linda and I have talked it over, and I think she’s right on this. (HOC S01E04  03:26)


E.G.3:Is there anything worse than losing one’s maid? I mean, why would she want to leave me? I’ve been as gentle as a lamb. Most of the time. I want to say I’ll make provision for you, if it’s a boy and you get pushed out. (DA S01E07  12:14)

参考翻译:还有什么比失去贴身女佣更糟 的?我的意思是:真搞不懂她为何要离开,我性格如此温和,至少大部分时间是这样的。我想告诉你我会为你做好安排的,以防是个男孩,你会被扫地出门。

E.G.3:Yes, I was told of your prowess [‘praʊəs], which is why I chose a law not published in any book, but a long-standing provision honored in England for decades. (Suits S02E16 19:05)


美剧语料库中关于“Provision”作为食物、的情景对话,以下内容摘自美剧《纸牌屋》S03E07  17:47

244–We’re having a hard time getting the African bloc 我们无法说服非洲集团

245–to remove the poison pill provision. 去掉坏事的条款

246–We think Israel’s behind it. They got cold feet, 我们认为是以色列搞的鬼 他们临阵怯场

247–convinced the African bloc 便让非洲集团

248–to sabotage the resolution so they have an out. 破坏提案进程 他们好下台

249–Do I need to speak to the Prime Minister? 要我去跟总理谈谈吗

250–Uh, the Israeli ambassador has already denied. 以色列大使已经否认了

251–I think we need to keep our focus on the provision itself. 我觉得我们该专注于条款本身

注:Poison pill is a colloquial term for a defense strategy used by the directors of a public company to prevent activist investors, competitors, or other would-be acquirers from taking control of the company by buying up large amounts of its stock.


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