Hello, my dear friends, this is Owen speaking, hopefully you guys are doing well, today I will be talking about Sex, because this is the main theme throughout today’s clip. So, if you’re under the age of 18 years old, I strong suggest that you go and find somewhere else to kill time.

Before we get into the woods, please do some soul-searching and think about sex-related topics, such as romantic relationships, married life, extramarital affairs, then I’m gonna share with you about my opinions, my stances and my reflections with respect to sex. Given that I’m middle-aged man, I think I’m quite qualified to discuss my humble thoughts on sex-wise topics. Because I’ve been there and there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to Sex.

No worries, ladies and gentleman, I believe that I’m have learnt the ropes and I have confidence that I’m not gonna trigger the keywords which set out by wechat platform or presumably requested and provided by the party.


Okay, let’s first look at the clip that I had prepared for you.

Sex is not just about physical pleasure, you and your lover have this intimate connection and interaction, your body are engaging to ignite the passion and desire from the bottom of your heart, and once the most private part of body is occupied, the looniness, the stress, the anxiety, the grudge, the resentment, all of them were went up in smoke. If you’re lucky, you hit the climax, wow…it’s like you’re over the moon, you’re on cloud nice. In addition, sex is also to unlock the maximum the potential in regards to the confidence and masculinity of men and the tenderness and affection of women.


So, my point being, aside from enhancing physical health and joy, sex is the most effective way to strengthen positive attitude and release negative emotion, as a matter of fact, we Chinese people believe in peace and harmony, if you and your partner could achieve sex harmony, you’re less likely gonna be facing divorce. Because whenever you build up anger towards your wife or husband, or by the time that you’re having a serious argument with partner, sooner or later, you gonna find out the quickest and easiest way to solve this is to get laid.

Another point I would like to make is that, I’m gonna quote from John, the Gardener, he puts it, I think it is in episode 2, he said that “It’s easier to concentrate after sex” which means after you and your partner had intercourse, you feel totally relaxed and relieved, and it’s easier for you to get hold of this empty-cup mentality, so you’re more likely to focus on something without emotional disturbance.



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