Would you be a dear:The phrase “would you be a dear” is an idiomatic expression that is often used as a polite way of asking someone to do something for you. It usually implies a sense of kindness, affection, or familiarity towards the person being addressed. The word “dear” in this context is a term of endearment, indicating that the speaker has a warm and friendly relationship with the person being addressed. (你能不能好心帮忙一下)

看美剧学高频短语:Would you be a dear

中文释义:短语“would you be a dear”是一种习惯用语,通常用于礼貌地请求某人为您做某事。它通常暗示着对被称呼的人的善意、亲切或熟悉感。在这种情况下,“dear”一词是一种爱称,表示说话者与被称呼的人之间有着温暖友好的关系。

以下是高频短语“Would you be a dear”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:

E.G.1:Now would you be a dear?  — Thank you.(DH S02E05 33:18)

E.G.2:Andrew, would you be a dear and make sure your sister’s just breaking her own things?(DH S03E05 11:00)

E.G.3:Everything is fabulous. But would you be a dear and get me some more wine? — I would be happy to. (DH S05E02 32:28)
参考翻译:一切都很棒。但你能不能好心再给我倒点酒?– 我很乐意。

E.G.4:Yes. I just put the mini quiches in the oven. Would you be a dear and take them out before they burn? (DH S08E09 03:01)


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