Be good/ready to go:An idiomatic expression that means to be prepared, in a suitable state, or ready for a particular situation or task. (准备好了,可以开始了。)

看绝望的主妇学高频短语:Be ready/good to go

以下是高频短语“Be good/ready to go”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:

E.G.1:We’re good to go. Give me the baby. You know this isn’t gonna end well. You know, they’re just gonna try and take her back. (DH S02E18 41:06)

E.G.2:Get out or I will kick your ass back to the Canadian border! — Took a shower, brushed my teeth. We are good to go. (DH S05E21 22:12)
参考翻译:滚出去,否则我会把你踢回加拿大边境!– 洗了个澡,刷了牙。我们已经准备好了。

E.G.3:Is there any way you can come over and get the kids off to school? Why am I seeing pajamas? Get dressed. Yeah, they are ready to go. (DH S03E18 04:14)

E.G.4:How soon can we do the surgery? — We’re ready to go. Let’s get her in. (DH S06E11 30:13)
参考翻译:我们多快能进行手术?– 我们已经准备好了。让她进手术室吧。


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