DH S02E06 Part02


Of 四个修辞格

  • 比喻 、夸张、褒贬、移就

A hail of gunfire.

Make a dent:

economic meltdown / financial problems.

Make yourself comfortable.

For the good of sth:
For the purpose /sake of sth:


cost sb an arm and a leg.

metaphor / irony

formal attair.

in terms of: 在某个方面

cater to your customer satisfaction.

customer mindshare: a combination of Brand awareness/ recognition and customer loyalty.

A sense of belongness


brain storming / tossing ideas around.

This begs the question:

the cost will add up to your financial budget.

Hold the line: —à>cost

Persuasive engineering: 说服工程、劝说工程

  • creating a sense of urgency through limited time offers or limit availability.
  • using social proof by displaying positive review or testimonials.
  • offering free samples or trial to encourage cutomers to try a product or service.
  • utilizing persuasive language and / eye-catching message in advertising and marketing campaigns.—-pull a stunt.
    What’ all the fuss is about?
  • anchoring /pricing stragety锚定




Product: reliable and stable.

Costomer rentetion rate.

back on one’s feet:

plaintiff/ defence

on the grounds that

on condition/ provide that:

ample grounds, basic grounds.

原因状语从句  — 条件状语从句

Give that/ for the reason that/ because/since/as /seeing that/ considering that…/ on the grounds that… /Now that…

suspened/ adjourned.

Parliament/ committee

逃兵: deserter /lamster

Plausible excuse.

give sb the creeps.


jittery: nervousness or unease, often accompanied by trembling or shaking.

nothing but… intensifier)强调.

When she realized the fact that she had an affair with her gardener. then she come to her senses that…




lesser of two evils. 两害相权取其轻

Shanks: “shanks” is a slang term that refers to homemade weapons that prisoners often make using various materials they can find in prison, such as toothbrushes, pencils, or even sharpened pieces of metal.

Hard nut to crack:

psychosomatic: she’s having the hives/rash.

antihistamines: 抗组胺剂

shift the focus to

steer away from something: /deflect one’s attention

Get over the side effect of her infidelity. illicit affairs.

guilty pleasure.

You betcha: you said it!

hear me out /listen up…

I would be damned if I’m going to pitch to a roomful of people who’re all wearing Amali and vera wang while I’m standing there with two-year-old breast milk crusted on my lapel.
Crust on
having something dried and stuck onto a surface, usually in a thick or hard layer. (粘染上、凝结上, 通常指某物因干燥而粘在某个表面上,通常是形成厚厚的硬层。) Kicked ass/ hit sth out of the parkan informal expression that means to perform exceptionally well or succeed at something. (发挥超 常、表现出色) Carbon fiber shaftsA type of lightweight and durable material commonly used in various products and Desperate Housewives S02 Study Notes Created by Owen Lee 美剧《绝望的主妇》第二季欧文版学习笔记 equipment. (碳纤维把手、轴柄)

luxury of obsessions.

Tip the scales in one’s favor: 

She brought her way out.

GABY: You can’t buy your way out of this one.


Bellman[‘belmən]a person working in a hotel whose job is to carry bags, open doors, etc. for guests. (侍者) Forklifta powered industrial truck used to lift and transport heavy materials over short distances. (动力叉车) Ground rulesbasic rules or guidelines that are established to govern behavior or conduct in a particular situation or activity. (基本规则、约定俗成的不成文法)

to level with:

reciprocate: 报答、回馈

It seems that Carlos is going to spend.

Lapse: a temporary failure of judgement:


I’m a catholic, hence the guilt.

inherent dignity and worth

Catholic morality is based on the principles of natural law, which teaches that certain actions are inherently good or bad based on their conformity with or violation of reason and the natural order of things.

Moral compass:

Catholics are called to live out their faith in their daily lives, through acts of charity, justice, and service to others.


Catholic moral teaching covers a wide range of topics, including the dignity of human life, social justice, sexual morality, and the virtues of love, mercy, and compassion.

breach of her belief.

Father. I’m so glad you could come and pray for mama.

Please, sit. – Thank you, Gabrielle.

Listen, since you’re here.There’s something I’ve always wondered about.

That whole thing about priests not being allowed

to repeat what they hear in confessions.

Is that a hard rule or just a general guideline?

Rest assured, everyone’s secrets are safe.

That’s good to hear.

I’ll keep yours too if you want to talk.

Me? No, no. Confession’s not really my thing.

That’s a shame.

Ok, you can stop condemning me with your eyes.

Right now. I know you know about the affair.

But you know nothing about my life. Look, it’s not even an issue any more. John and I are finished.

Gabrielle, the church is pretty clear on this. If you commit a mortal sin and you die without repenting,

You go to hell.

Well, aren’t you just a ball of fun? So if I confess, it’ll clean the slate, right?

Not only that. If you want god’s forgiveness you have to be truly sorry and promise not to commit the sin again.

So what happens if I repent later? Like, say, when I’m 75?

I wouldn’t recommend waiting, what if you die before then?

Well, let’s say I don’t die? I do yoga. I eat well.

If I wait, does my repenting still count?

If you mean it, yes. Thank you, Father Crowley.

You have been a tremendous comfort.


selfish, seductive, high-maintenance

mere thought of it.

Gaby fell the full force of his wrath.

Gabrielle was panicked. She knew if her husband discovered her secret,she would feel the full force of his wrath.

repetition / novelty

Lust — Love:

Have lust on sb:

Post-traumatic [trɔː’mætɪk] stress:a mental health condition that can occur after a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, anxiety, irritability, and avoidance of reminders of the trauma. (创伤后应激障碍:一种精神健康状况,可能发生在一个人经历或目睹创伤事件后。症状可能包括闪回、焦虑、易怒和回避创伤的提醒。)

Basket case:
Feminism movement: 女权运动

Me too 运动。


Shark: A-list lawyer

Agapanthus[ˌægə’pænθəs]:a genus of flowering plants native to South Africa. They are known for their beautiful clusters of blue or white flowers that bloom on tall stalks during the summer months. (非洲蓝百合,又称非洲爱情花)

Run sb off:

Going on and on…

I always cave…



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