Come between sb and sb:to create a barrier or conflict between two people, causing a strain or disruption in their relationship or connection. (介入某人和某人之间、造成某人和某人之间的隔阂)

看绝望的主妇学英语:Come between

以下是高频短语“Come between sb and sb”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:

E.G.1:What the hell kind of nun are you? Look, if you try to come between me and my husband, I will take you down. (DH S02E09 33:43)

E.G.2:It’s funny, all that time I wasted worrying Mike would come between us. It seems laughable now, doesn’t it? (DH S03E19 04:20)

E.G.3:No matter what I’m going through, I would never let anything come between us. (DH S08E01 37:10)

E.G.4:I came between the man and his son; it was a huge betrayal. I can’t even blame him for hating me. (DH S02E07 04:18)


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