DH S02E05 Part02


Slow: He’s a little bit on the slow side.

Retarded/ stupid/ half-witted / dense / dummy /

Swamped: hectic life


Restitution plus interest:

Grace period:

Suck sb try:

Wipe the slate clean: track record

Clear slate:

Turn over a new leaf:

So…adj.that(结果)… so that(目的)

Amazon: 母老虎、悍妇

Schedule an appointment

Mr. charming:

Active imagination:

You have to convince sb sth:

I’m past the point where I have to beg for work. 定语从句、同位语从句、程度状语从句

Hold sth together by one’s fingernails:

Serve one’s full sentence. Train wreck

I’ll say this much: / Suffice it to say:

used to indicate that one is saying enough to make one’s meaning clear while withholding something for reasons of discretion or brevity.

It all started with…

Susan’s rock is facing an economic meltdown.

Catch on: understand

As a client.

come clean: 坦白

Run sb down:

  • The long hours at work are starting to run me down.
  • Please don’t run me down with trivial matters when I’m trying to focus on something important.
  • My boss is always running me down for small mistakes, but he never acknowledges the things I do well
  • Literal meaning.


Kook: a cray or eccentric person.

I wanna thank you again for what you did, it was so refreshing to be treated with kindness after weeks of just ludicrous (ridiculous + hysterical ) accusations.


The way…方式状语从句


Crimes of passion:

Stonewall: being evasive.

Coax sb into doing:

That you stonewall everyday makes you look more and more like a cold, calculating killer. We both know that’s not you, but I can’t help you unless you start telling the truth.

Owe it (admit the truth) to sb:

Bring with it sth:

Would you be dear / lame / honey…

Have a pitch for sb:

I wanna explain to you why I think it’s in your best interest for you to allow me to represent you.

It beats doing sth.

Sense: 做判断的词

Willful, self-centered and manipulative

She’s also beautiful enough to be worth the trouble.

Every coin has a Flip side.

It comes with territory.

Town nerd/ whore/ lawyer


Keep someone on as (position)



Carrots and sticks:

That’s all there’s to it.


Pick-up bar: 单身俱乐部

Does that hinder your pick-up style.

Regular (fixture):


At that moment, it occurred to sb that, though inebriated, Had a valid point.

The time had come to declare a war of independence and the surest path to victory would require an aggressive campaign/action of shock and awe.




determined advocates



A time will come for us to steer the winds against the waves, together we serve it up, with sails wafting under the cloud and paddles ferrying across the sea. — 译:欧文

Sit sth out: stay on the sidelines.

Lynette savored her victory, confident that she would never again have to engage her opponent on this particular battlefield. 束控

Savor: to enjoy an experience slowly, in order to appreciate it as much as possible.

Moronic: stupid, 低能

Low on money, I stay within a budge. 克勤克俭。

For the love of God: exclamation  [ˌeksklə’meɪʃn]
frustration, surprise, or emphasis.


The joke’s on him: used to indicate that someone has become the target of a joke or prank, often at their own expense.

You think I’m gonna lay next to someone for eternity who thinks I’m a murderer.


jumbled up:

determined advocates:

go desperate length to do sth.

Do whatever it takes

By all means:

Bottom of the barrel:




Grasping at straws:


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