1、to accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order to reach an agreement with someone. (妥协、退让、折衷)

2、to allow your principles to be less strong or your standards or morals to be lower. (违背原则、打折扣、低于标准)


Gaby: I really hate the way you talk to me.  我讨厌你跟我说话的语气

Carlos: And I really hate that I spent $15,000 on your diamond necklace 我讨厌花一万五千块买条

—–>> which you couldn’t live without. 没它你就活不下去的钻石项链

—–>> But I’m learning to deal with it. 但是我学着接受了

—–>> So can I tell Tanaka we’ll be there tomorrow? 我能告诉塔纳卡我们明晚都会去了吗

Gaby: John, we have bandages top shelf in the kitchen. 约翰 邦迪在厨房的架子上

John: Thanks, Mrs. Solis. 谢谢 索利斯夫人

Gaby: Fine, I’ll go. 好吧 我去

—–>> But I’m keeping my back pressed 但是我会整晚

—–>> against the wall the entire time. 都靠墙站着的

Carlos: See, now this is what a marriage is all about. 看到了吧 这就是婚姻的真谛

—–>> Compromise. 妥协


Wire voice: Unit 23, we have a 907A in progress. 23分队 遇到907A号突发事故

——>> Please respond. 请回答

Officer Thompson: Ten-four. I’m on my way. I gotta go. 收到 我马上来 我得走了

——>> Apparently there’s a hostage situation. 有个绑架人质的事件

——>> So you’re really turning me down? 你真的打算拒绝我了

——>> Boy. My self-esteem can’t take this. 我的自尊心很是受挫啊

Susan: I’m sorry. 很抱歉

Officer Thompson: No, it’s just, now my ability to help 现在我解救人质的能力

——>> those hostages has been compromised. 可要大打折扣了

——>> Still, don’t blame yourself for what might happen. 不过你不用自责

Susan: Blame myself? 自责

Officer Thompson: Yeah. It’s just hard to rescue folks when 自我感觉欠佳的时候

——>> you don’t feel good about yourself. 并不适合去救别人


To make compromises:(To give up something in order to reach an agreement or a settlement)

E.G.  Both boys will have to make compromises if they’re to share the room.

Compromise oneself by doing sth:(To lower one’s standard or put aside one’s principle in order to reconcile)

E.G.  She had already compromised herself by refusing to answer their questions.

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