Culminate [‘kʌlmɪneɪt]to have as a result or be the final result of a process; reach a climax or point of highest development. If an event or series of events culminates in something, it ends with it, having developed until it reaches this point. (达到….顶点,以……告终)



E.G.1:How about this? French kissing–.seven minutes in heaven culminating in second base. (TBBT S05E08 09:18)

E.G.2:I just redo your calendar, and index every live case you have, and then get to know every single inch of your filing system. I don’t think that’s moving less quickly. Culminating in that inevitable moment when your phone finally rings and I say those three magic words. (Suits S05E01 15:43)

E.G.3:The families would form an everlasting friendship, culminating in their daughters marrying her sons at an elaborate wedding the scavos wouldn’t have to pay for. (DH S01E19 01:02)

E.G.4:Well, all the pages held hidden symbols, symbols that added up to some kind of message, culminating with a picture of an idol. (White Collar S05E10 30:05)

E.G.1:The New York Times announced the upcoming release in an exclusive over the weekend, noting that Facebook’s massive gaming investment has culminated in  700 million of the sites’s 2.5 billion users actively engage with games through the platform monthly.

E.G.2:By the time Owen arrived in, the group-up activity was in full swing and culminated in Captain Sophia giving a presentation of how to motivate disobedient teenagers to respect authority and boundries.

Hit a trough:to reach a low level, price, etc. (降到低点、到达低洼区)

At that time, Apple revealed profits up by a third to $22 Billion, but warned growth was unlikely to continue at such a pace. The shares immediately dropped 11% and kept on falling, until they hit a trough of 64 dollars.

With the implementation of charge mode, the visitors of Owen’s channel is now hitting a trough of less than 1,000 visits during his live-streaming. Yet the graining pain doesn’t seem to weild influence on his career trajectory. To my way of thinking, instead of foucing in short-term petty gains, I would rather gamble on a more glamourous future.


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