DH S02E05 Part01


Since her first day on the job, it had been clear to Sb that her new boss Nina was unusually tense.

To help relieve her tension,



Chi ball:A mind-body exercise and wellness program that is based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine. (气功球、太极球)

Distilled the old-fashioned way

to make a liquid stronger or purer by heating it until it changes to a gas and then cooling it so that it changes back into a liquid;to reduce it but keep the most important part(蒸馏;酿制;提炼、提取)

hurt one’s teeth:

toddle back:


Can one’s asses:

One form of relaxation:

Shred of dignity

Ounce of remorse.

Touch of


Get sb liquored up:

Get sb wasted.

Trough: 水槽、酒槽


Get in the game:

Check sb out:

Stretch: used to greet someone.

Hit sth out of the park:

Come about:

Be it a faithful companion:

It was…who..



Take sb’s mind off sth with sth: 把某人从负面(忧伤、担心、焦郁……)解脱出来。

Rock: A person who’s emotionally strong and who you can rely on.

Talk sb into sth:

Behind in one’s work:

Have an agenda /

Ulterior motive. 高调陈述

Moral compass:

Bad blood: Unfriendly or hostile relations; If you say that there is bad blood between people, you mean that they have argued about something and dislike each other. (隔阂、不和、芥蒂、敌对情绪等影响人关系和谐的不良因素。相关词汇有:hostility; bitterness; animosity [ˌænɪ’mɒsəti] 等)

Get into where

低调陈述 It was no big deal.

Embezzlement [ɪm’bezlmənt]:Theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer. (挪用、盗用、侵占公款)Forensic [fə’rensɪk]:1、related to scientific methods of solving crimes, involving examining the objects or substances that are involved in the crime: 2、relating to courts of law. (法院的、关于法庭的)

That settles it: “that settles it” is a phrase used to indicate that a decision or conclusion has been made and there will be no further discussion or argument.


Glowing : 光鲜靓丽 radiant


Pregnancy agrees with you.

The verb “agree” in this context means to be suitable or beneficial for someone, so when someone says “pregnancy agrees with you,” they are implying that the pregnancy is having a positive effect on the person.

Quite a shark: very professional, have extensive experience.

Look, he’s stretching for extra bases.

Just like he stretched for extra territory,

So successful, in fact, that

Minimal *(adj, noun) at best:


更多形容词+“at best”的相关例句:

  • The food at the restaurant was mediocre at best.  这家餐厅的食物最多只能算中等。
  • His chances of passing the test are slim at best. 他通过考试的机会充其量只有一线之希望。
  • The repair job on my car was haphazard at best. 修理我的汽车工作质量充其量只能算马虎。
  • The new policy is confusing at best and downright contradictory at worst. 新政策最好只能说令人困惑,最坏的情况是完全矛盾。


以下是更多名词+“at best”的相关例句:

E.G.4:You are a guest in her house, and a temporary one at best. (DH S03E09 25:42)

Burry sb with all the dignity of a dead hamster.

You wanna hit somewhere?

There’s more to it than that.

You’re off the market.

Pals. Guys

Put on a show: 做秀

She got addicted to/obsessed with the night life.

Be in the clear/dark:

No longer in danger or suspected of something. The phrase “be in the clear” is commonly used to mean that someone is free from danger, trouble, or suspicion. It suggests that a situation or problem has been resolved or that there is no longer any cause for concern. (没事了,清白了,放心了、不要紧了……)

Wound/wind pretty tight:

The first to snap:

Slip into evil habit/ fall off the wagon

To one’s benefit/ advantage

Shaky at best:




Underwear model:

For all I care:

Poke one’s nose into other people’s business “狗拿耗子,多管闲事”

Commit a felony/crime/suicide…

Second chances/ second opinion

Get one shot:

以下是关于:”This is just the way I’m wired”的相关情景例句:

E.G.1:“I know it’s not rational, but I can’t help being anxious in social situations. This is just the way I’m wired.” 参考翻译:我知道这不合理,但我在社交场合感到焦虑,这就是我的天性。

E.G.2:“I’ve always been a night owl and struggle to wake up early. This is just the way I’m wired.” 参考翻译:我一直是个夜猫子,早起很难。这就是我的天性。

E.G.3:“I can’t stand loud noises, they make me feel extremely uncomfortable. This is just the way I’m wired.” 参考翻译:我不能忍受嘈杂的声音,它们让我感到极度不舒服。这就是我的天性。

E.G.4:“I’m a highly emotional person and can’t help getting upset easily. This is just the way I’m wired.” 参考翻译:我是个情感丰富的人,很容易就会生气。这就是我的天性。


Me being a type of person is… (做短语视频)

Muck up:




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