DH S01E22 Part01


House arrest (Grounding)
Check into sth:
S & M
Push sb’s boundaries:
Hold sth for sb:
Favorite moment:
Comfortable Zone:
Everything is under control:
Arrival / appearance
Stare / glance:
Lascivious: Feeling or expressing strong sexual desire.
Ogling: to look at sb with obvious sexual interest.
Pay attention to sb:
If you show me a woman who doesn’t care male’s attention, I will show you an alien.
I was wondering if…may be/perhaps…
You’re so far out of your league that you’re playing a completely different sport.
1、A group of people/ a set of tools…
DH is a female-ensemble show.
Coming onto someone:
Cue: reason/excuse
A signal for sb to do sth.
Choke on donuts:
Back and forth:
Gloating: 幸灾乐祸
Be big of someone:
Rubbing her success in Edie’s face.
Release her resentment:
Alternative: 非主流
Play host to sth/somewhere:
Infected / contracted:
Moral decay:
Stir a wave:
Unfeeling /indifferent / insensitive
Slap / 掌掴:
Snap at sb:
Checking up on sb: 监察
Speak of the devil
Regular fixture:
Add salt to the wound:
Put sb in tight spot:
Short of hands:
Take the lead on sth:
Redeem: seem less bad.
Miss it..
Psych sb out:/ psychological warfare.
Undermine: performance/confidence.
Blow one’s mind away:
Andrologist: [ænd’rɒlədʒɪst] 男科医生
Hanging up on someone:
Two-faced liar: 两面三刀、阴险狡诈的人
He wants to put a wedge between Bree and Rex.
Throw sth in one’s face: 打脸
Platonic relationship:
Witness: 见证/目睹
To put a stop to sth:
Good for sb:
Clear sth up:
1、 清理、收拾
2、 澄清
Undermine: progress /development of the relationship with Mike.
Hang over: /haunt
Leather beanbag chair:

Felicia Tillman:
Look out for sb: oversee + take care of
Parents – disobedient child
Take comfort in sth:
Curve ball:

Have got a lot in someone’s plate:
Can’t see the Forrest for the trees.
You’d think he’d know that.
Interventions are never pretty.
Impose / deflect / Direct
Group activity:

Pot-luck lunch /progressive dinner
Cut to the cease
Gang up on sb: malicious intention
Taught sb to be cynical
Dark secrets:
Snap Mike from Susan.
When it comes to men, woman don’t fight fare. At all costs.
Check up on him:
Sooner or later, they’re gonna rekindle their old flames.
It’s forever since:
Say the word:
Make a move:
Solid: 70
Spectacular: 90左右
Visual instincts:
Off the chart:
Ruthless: not considering or worrying any pain caused to others.
Executive: Shark (Annabel)
S & M
Stumped: unable to solve a problem or question because it is too difficult.
In god’s name: intensifier
Neat theory: 能站得住脚的解释/理论
Stretch – farfetched:

DH S01E22 Part03-Part04

Team- up activity:
Neat theory: 巧妙的
1.5年, 六级 1年以内
Based on the context provided, the phrase “neat theory” seems to refer to a hypothesis or speculation about the possible involvement of Paul Young in the disappearance or death of Martha Huber, which ingeniously justified the speculation of Felicia Tillman.

In favor of sth:
Retrieving the mail:
Own up to it:
The jig is up:
Carlos is still under home arrest.
Take it out on sb:
Extra-marital affairs / splurge
Federal agent:
Promote sb over sb:
Pass sb by:
You made your point:
On a daily basis/ in the first place
Running the company into the ground:
The way I see it,
Get out easily:
Hesitate / sentimental / regretful
Get the nod:
Chump: half-witted, wooden-headed
His fate is completely beyond his control.
It was Lynette Plotted this scheme.
Explosive manner
She was on the roll
Humming along with boundless prospects.
Top dog:
Use sb connection with Nat:
In its infancy
Contributed to Annabel’s suddern promotion.
Indignation / righteousness
What in the world are you talking about?
S&M fondness
Torrid love:
Relief crew:
I’d bet you anything / I take it that
Duck down: to stoop down very quickly, as if to avoid being hit or discovered.
I know my stuff:
Up to do sth: about to do sth
Making out in the car:
Checking out on sb:
Hilarious / hysterical
Serial – killer gay basher
Provoke /agitate:
Lying for sb >>cover sb up
If the charge sticks:
Pull a stunt: 玩花招,耍噱头,做手脚
Silent treatment:
Blow sb off: / give you a cold shoulder
Moral decay
You kept

Air the laundry:
On purpose /deliverablly /purposefully



Force of habit:

直播 – 录播
精 听 细 学


The dialogue between Rex and Bree in this scene is extremely intense and heart-wrenching. After reading it, I just can’t help but shudder at the madness and despair that is brewing and fermenting within it. The cruel competition and the terrifying gossip projected in the drama are truly relatable and striking.

A woman who strives for perfection in every aspect and places great importance on her image, experiences the piercing pain of her husband’s infidelity, which has caused a stir throughout the city. To make matters worse, she is informed that her perverted sexual escapades with her  Rex have been exposed by her irresponsible and undependable husband, with every sordid detail vividly described.



Most men lead their lives in quite desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

The wound that was already difficult to heal was ruthlessly salted again. The persona/identity that Bree had carefully crafted over half of her life, along with her honorable reputation, collapsed entirely. The devastation of hard-earned possessions all went up in smoke was more heart-wrenching than drawing water with a porous basket. When Bree returned home, she collapsed in front of the window, feeling cold and numb. The despair of being unable to shed a tear was more chilling than a storm about to break. It gave the sense of an impending bloodbath before a raging storm.

Under the shroud of darkness and despair, Rex appeared as if his days are numbered while Bree was like a candle flickering in the wind, barely hanging on to life. Everything was set up just right for our leading lady Bree to achieve transcendence and rebirth, in order to achieve that, she needed to discard her fully compromised ethical, her moral consciousness as well as the values that she holds in high regard for the first-half of her life. The final outcome was a depressed relief, in which completed the spiritual redemption of Bree through the death of her husband Rex. The show did not preach but rather used a calm and objective tone through the deceased character’s narrative. This led devoted viewers into contemplation and, to some extent, allowed the mass majority who strictly adhere to the rules to emotionally resonate and release, while inspiring and alerting those who have gone astray.


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