DH S02E04 Part02


Lean out:

Get the shot:

Suicidal: 有自杀倾向的

Freaky: odd/strange/eccentric.

Positively and actively

Town nerd:

Player: A man who has solid experience with romantic relationships.

I was curious to find out if you had ever actually gotten in the game.

Get in the game: 投入参与到某事情当中

Add excitement /spice up

  • 欧文点评:In this scene, Andrew is trying to embarrass and humiliate George by insinuating [ɪn’sɪ­­­njʊeɪtɪŋ(含沙射影、旁敲侧击;暗示)]
  • that he is not experienced in relationships with women. Andrew does this by making assumptions about George’s personality that he’s genetically incapable of attending to Bree’s needs and wants. George initially tries to dismiss the conversation by saying that his personal life is none of Andrew’s business. However, Andrew persists, implying that George’s relationship with his mother is more than just casual dating and that it’s important for his mother to be with someone who knows how to please a woman.

George becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the conversation, especially when Andrew starts talking about his parents’ sex life and mimicking his mother’s orgasm. This is an example of teenage rebellion, where Andrew is pushing boundaries and violating social norms by discussing taboo topics like sex and relationships in front of an older authority figure.

Scrumptious[‘skrʌmpʃəs] (of food) extremely tasty; delicious. (of a person) very attractive. (美味可口的;十分漂亮的、特别吸引人的)


Storm out:

George’s attitude throughout the conversation is one of discomfort and embarrassment. He tries to deflect Andrew’s questions and change the subject, but Andrew persists, making George feel increasingly uneasy. George’s reluctance to engage in this conversation is understandable, as it is inappropriate and disrespectful. It is also clear that George is a more mature and responsible individual, as he tries to steer the conversation back to more appropriate topics.

The conversation between Andrew and George touches on the topic of teenage rebellion, particularly with regards to George’s relationship with Andrew’s mother. Andrew’s probing about George’s sexual experiences with women and his insinuations that George is not a “player” suggest that Andrew is attempting to assert his dominance over George and assert his position as the son of the woman George is dating.

George’s response to Andrew’s comments is interesting, as he initially attempts to deflect Andrew’s questions by saying that his experience with women is none of Andrew’s business. This could be seen as a way of setting boundaries and protecting his privacy. However, Andrew persists in his questioning, and George becomes defensive and tries to shut down the conversation by saying that it is inappropriate and asking Andrew to stop talking.

Bite the bullet and suffer the silence.


The more I think of it, the more I’m convinced (that) your marriage is a train wreck. (形容词宾语从句)

E.G.1His life was a roller coaster, full of ups and downs.

E.G.2She is a rising star in her company, a shining light that everyone looks up to.

E.G.3The situation at the office was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment.

E.G.4The politician’s campaign was a sinking ship, with no hope of recovery.

E.G.5The project was a money pit, draining resources without producing any results.

Train wrecksomething that fails completely or goes extremely badly. (火车失事、火车事故、生活残骸)


Gnarly[‘nɑːli]rough and twisted, especially because of old age or no protection from bad weather. (粗糙的、 扭曲的、千疮百孔、年久失修的)


Sweeping assumptions: “Sweeping assumptions” refer to assumptions that are broad, overgeneralized, and lack specific evidence or examples to support them. 概括性的假设

All politicians are corrupt. Claim

All millennials are lazy and entitled.


Make sweeping assumptions about sth.

Tell sb off: /throw a tantrum /Snap at someone.

What makes you (verb)… (A string of words.)

Sth speaks for itselfan idiomatic expression that means the evidence or results of something are clear and do not require further explanation or argument. (不言自明、事实胜于雄辩)

Your qualifications speak for themselves.

The product really speaks for itself.

Rely on one’s instincts:

You’re privileged. You’re pampered/moly-cuddle. You’re spoiled. You want what you want when you want it.

Pain point:


Conjugal visit: /prison trailer. 

Scratch the itch: to satisfy the desire or need for sth.

Dimwit: corrupt, violent.

Grope/feel sb up:


In flats:

Justified: 被证明是有理的、正当的

Get use to sth:

Resilient —à>adapt:

Have a row/ confronting

Anger management

Pile on:

Doing soul-searching: reflecting meditating.

Did a lot of thinking.

Behavioral modification:

The reason why I doing sth is because…

Out of bound / push sb’s boundary

At the time

Out of bonds: cross the line.

Remind sb of sth/sb:

Time span:

Make an honest living: 过安稳踏实的日子

Chitchatsmall talk

Have a life somewhere:

Mess up sth: 搞杂、打乱

Make it up to sb: 补偿某人

Coping mechanism: Mrs. mulberry (imaginary friend) Umbrella.

Take her place.

Conjecture [kən’dʒektʃə(r)]an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information. (推测、猜测)

Assumption — speculation

Deflecting the kid’s attention.

She wants to cut off the bond between Park and Mrs. Mulberry once and for all.

Retaliate– Get back at Andrew’s Ulterior motive/ bad intention.

An eye for an eye/ Tit for tart


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