Tell someone off:to criticize or rebuke someone severely, often in an angry or harsh manner; To speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong. (指责某人,朝某人发火)

看美剧学英语高频短语:Tell sb off

以下是实用短语“Tell someone off”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

E.G.1:Care for a drink? — No! I like to keep a clear head when I’m telling people off. (DH S02E04 23:12)

E.G.2:But at the stoplight, when I start to tell the guy off, Tom leans over and says, “Sorry. uh, no big deal. she’s just having a bad day.” (DH S06E14 08:25)

E.G.3:Are you trying to tell him off or invite him to the prom? — Tell him off… Nicely. So he won’t get all punchy and hurty on me. (GLC S02E09 10:16)

E.G.4:You berate me for not wanting to take responsibility and now you tell me off for doing just that. (DA S03E07 17:10)


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