Put a price on sth:to assign or determine a monetary value or worth to something. It implies the act of quantifying the value of an item, service, or concept in terms of money. (给某物定价,即:为某物指定或确定一个货币价值。它暗示了将某物、服务或概念的价值用货币来量化的行为。)

看美剧学实用短语:Put a price on sth

以下是”Put a price on sth”高频使用场景及相关例句:

When discussing the cost or value of a product or service: (当讨论产品或服务的成本或价值时)

E.G.1:How much would you put a price on this antique vase?”

E.G.2:It’s difficult to put a price on the memories we created during our vacation.”

When evaluating the value of someone’s skills or abilities: (当评估某人的技能或能力的价值时)

E.G.1:”Her experience and expertise are priceless. You can’t put a price on that.”

E.G.2:The company put a high price on his innovative ideas and offered him a promotion.

When considering the worth or importance of intangible things:(当考虑无形事物的价值或重要性时)

E.G.1:Family and relationships are invaluable. You can’t put a price on love.

E.G.2:The satisfaction of helping others is something that cannot be easily put a price on.


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