Measured enthusiasm
Hamper:Laundry basket
Under-appreciated, under-valued.
Lame 没有说服力、很蹩脚的
To find someone to be a scapegoat
Respect of God, love the country, value the family
Prevent/forbid/ sb from doing sth:
The least someone can do:
Confiscate: 没收
Better safe than sorry:
Components /Constituents
Exclusive advantage/edge:
Each new morning in suburbia brings with it a new set of lies.


Owen brought a flower with a pot.

Sth Brings sth with it
Sth brings with it sth:

Every storm brings with it hope,

that somehow by morning everything will be made clean again, and even the most troubling stains will have disappeared, like the doubts over his innocence, or the consequences of his mistakes, like the scars of his betrayal, or the memory of his kiss, so we wait for the storm to pass, hoping for the best, even though we know in our hearts, some stains are so indelible, nothing can wash them away.

We establish a familiar path.

Sth brings with it sth: = sth bring sth with it.
平衡结构 / 重尾强调
Little white liars: 通感(Synesthesia [ˌsɪnəs’θiːʒɪə])

Familiar stranger 熟悉的陌生人
Creative destruction:创造性的毁灭
双重聚焦(Bifocal [ˌbaɪˈfəʊkəl] Visions)/ 矛盾(Oxymoron [ˌɒksɪ’mɔːrɒn])
Well-educated minds/soul
浪浪山 满江红¬¬¬¬
小鲜肉 = 俊美、年轻的男性 Adonis(典故)
Honor roll:优秀生名单、光荣榜
Mounting debt
Past due:
Every now and then / from time to time /every once in a while
Yes, of course…

1、 沟通交流
2、 专业高效
3、 鼓舞人心

从句: 让步、时间、原因、条件、主语、宾语、非谓语动词、同位语、结果、表语、方式、比较、目的、程度

DH S01E15 Part02

Lame: 站不住脚
It be… /that/who…
All/what we know is that
Turn up with sth:
1、 调大、开大
2、 出现、到达
3、 找到、尤其是意外
Put sth pass sb:
Withhold: refuse to give sth that is due or desired.
Clear up the(mess)
We will do whatever you want us to do.
Tie up the line:
Invitation letter: throw a party
Do somebody a favor
Can you help me? Would you please do me a favor?
Trim …bushes
Use a little extra attention:
Ulterior motive: 不机不良
Did I mention why my husband is home a lot?
Has a lot of anger (towards)
Take sth out on sb:
Knock it off:
Gig: 代理职位
Somebody has to fill in the position.
I‘m Peterson’s go-to-guy,
Blowhard: 自夸与吹牛的人
Stanley Cup Final:提喻
Step up from time to time:
Shrinking violet:
Tom’s wife Lynette throws it right in his face. ineffective
Take that racket outside.
Stock: 囤积、储存
Susan sold Mike out.
Pretentious: 装、作
We can always bail if it’s lame as we think it’s going to do.
Traditional, conservative, she likes the old-fashioned way.
Abdicate:forgo/ give up
Keep the kids on the right track:
Have to do with sth: 与…有关
As a matter of fact:
Just so we’re clear:
Planning on doing sth:
Abstinence club: 禁欲俱乐部
Mr. Adonis 小鲜肉
Good riddance: Said to express relief at being free of an unwanted person or thing.
Damn it! Darn.
Just because….doesn’t…
Look over for sth: 把某事把关
Words, phrases, commonly used expression, idioms, proverbs, Slang sentence structures, rhetoric

I take it that…
Make up one’s mind
It occurs to sb/ hits sb/ dawned on sb
Make one’s ends meet.
DH S01E15 Part03
Look out for sb / look out on sb:
Urge:sex drive
End up doing sth:以不好的结局告终
Paper thin:
Put due notes:
Handle with sth/ deal with / cope with
Freak out:生气、恼火;抓狂、特别、着急上火;郁闷;超出了自己的更改控制范围
Cost sb a cent / cost sb an arm and a leg
Glum: feel upset, blue
Get a hit:安打
Hating-Tom-Duggan look
Job-stealing-bastard run
Glory-hounding: A person seeking accolades at the expense of everyone else, particularly peers. (争名取利)
Ass-kissing hustle/stunt:
Stretching for extra bases. 双关
Unsung hero utility player:
Boy-free zone:借代
Clock wise
Have an intercourse / get laid
1、 What /when/why….how/what/where…
2、 主、谓、宾、定、补、状
3、 判断/原因/结果/方式/让步/比较/程度 省略 / 同位语从句
I assume /realize/ figured/ guess/ take it/ 6123/ Judging from /Based on…
4、 表语从句
Hang out for a while:
He’s so handsome
He’s not as handsome as Tom.
Do you know how easy it would be for me to call my husband and tell him what you just tried to do.
I’m sort of in the middle of something.
Drop by / pop by
Consider/ think/ believe/ make/ feel/ find 6
She’s a beautiful girl.
Even worse, you made me look bad in front of Mrs. Mccluskey who you know is mommy’s sworn enemy.
I would consider it (指代/形式宾语) a personal favor.

I would consider it a personal favor if you wouldn’t take it”

I thought it best to get rid of this garbage/mess.

She considers it the finest moment taking photos with Andy Lau.

I find it interesting that Owen said there were no chemistry but passion between him and Mr. Kevin.

It…形式宾语…名词/形容词 to do
That Owen is a workaholic is well-known。XXX
Sweet tooth:
Set someone up: (planning,scheming)
On sb’s side:
Word get out:
Family name:
In the mood for sth:
Push/blackmail sb into doing sth: (Collocation)
Get in someone’s pants: you wanna sex with someone.
Be all over someone:
Slang vs idiom:
One of the best things about being rich is the security of knowing you can buy your way out of any problem.
Cut sb some slack:
Save sb’s ass/butt:
Drafted apart:
Justin wants to test his sex drive.
Corner office / Nice girls don’t get the corner office.
Drop in / pop in.
Hold sth over for sb:
Workhorse: workaholic
Pillow talk:
Lynette realized it was best to lie to the boss’s wife. Provide/if (that) she wasn’t too convincing.

Adverbial clause of condition:条件状语从句
Signal words:
If/ Unless/ so(as) long as / In case (that) /supposing that/ on condition that/ provided that
Carlos cut out Gaby’s allowance.
Having a highlight moment.
Cut in:
Main course/ Side dish:
Soft drink/drug
tenderloin [‘tendəlɔɪn] 牛柳、牛腩
trade-off: it comes with territory
In retrospect:
Hang out/ hook up / Mess around /screw around:
Get attached to sb:


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