Sth sucks sb dry:The phrase “sth sucks sb dry” is a metaphorical expression that means something or someone is taking all of a person’s resources or energy, leaving them with nothing. It can refer to situations where a person is being exploited or drained to the point of exhaustion. (某事物将某人榨干)

看美剧学实用短语:sth sucks sb dry

中文释义:“sth sucks sb dry” 这个短语是一种比喻表达,意思是某物或某人正在消耗一个人的所有资源或精力,让他们一无所有。它可以指一个人被剥削或耗尽到极点的情况。

E.G.1:短语“Sth sucks sb dry”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:(S02E05)

Susan: Lonny… 洛尼

——>>how much financial trouble are you really in? 你的财务问题究竟有多严重

Lonny: I’m fine. 我没事的

——>>You know what it is? 你知道怎么回事吗

——>>I had to pay all those people back at the same time. 我必须一次付清所有人的钱

——>>Restitution plus interest 连本带利

——>>It’s not something I’d recommend 我可不想这样

——>>It sucks you dry  一下就把人榨干了

Susan: I’ve gonna ask you a question, 我得问你个问题

——>>and I want you to tell me the truth 我希望你诚实地回答我

——>>Did you steal from me? 你挪用我的钱了吗?

Lonny: Absolutely not. 当然没有

Susan: Please don’t lie. Just tell me 求你别撒谎了. 告诉我真相

E.G.2:短语“Sth sucks sb dry”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的情景例句:(S02E09 31:32)

E.G.1:This is the truth here. Nice is a luxury that I gave up along with vacations and relationships and eating at home. This job sucks you dry, So you better kiss those four little kiddies of yours good-bye, because you have just adopted the neediest little child in the world.



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