绝望的主妇第一季第一集学习笔记:Blatanat Maneuver


Mike: Bongo! Get down! Down! 邦戈 下去 下去

Edie: Go away. Go away. 走开 走开

Mike: Down. 下去

Mike: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. 不好意思

——>> So who’s the guy that lives across from Mrs. Huber again? 那个 你刚说住在胡博太太街对面的是谁

SusanThat’s Mr. Mullen. And just so you know, If he invites you in, 是缪伦先生 顺便告诉你 如果他邀请你去他家

——>> you have to meet all of his pets. 他会让你和所有的宠物打招呼

Mike: That’s ok. I love animals. 那没关系 我喜欢动物

SusanHe’s a taxidermist. 他收集动物标本

Mike: Oh, ok, thanks for the warning. 哦 这样 谢谢提醒

Edie: Isn’t Mr. Mullen’s brother your divorce attorney? 缪伦先生的兄弟是你的离婚律师吧

SusanUh, yes, yes, he was. 是 他是

Edie: Can I say something? 其实

——>> In my heart, I still believe that you 在我心里 我一直相信你

——>> and Karl are gonna get back together. 和卡尔会最终复合

Mike: Really? 是吗

Edie: Oh, yeah. 是的

——>> I’ve never seen two people more in love. 我再也没有见过比他们更相爱的了

——>> I mean She’s never gonna find that kind of 她再也不能找到另一个

——>> chemistry with another man. Never. 跟她有如此火花的男人 肯定不能

Narrator: It was everything Susan could do to keep a smile on her face.  苏珊 所能做的就是尽力保持微笑

——>> Round two was underway,  第二轮比赛开始

——>> and she was already taking a beating. 她已经遭遇了重重一击

Julie: You know what, Mrs. Britt… 你知道吗 布利特夫人

Narrator: What Edie hadn’t counted on… 伊迪 没有料到的是

Julie: Do you know why I always liked… 你知道我为什么很喜欢……

Narrator: Susan had someone in her corner. 苏珊还有个小帮手

Julie: Mr. Rothwell, your fourth husband. 罗斯威尔先生 你的第四任丈夫

Edie: He was my second husband. I’ve only been married twice. 他是我第二任 我只结过两次婚

Julie: Twice? You weren’t married to the guy with all the tattooes 两次?你没有跟那个满身纹身

——>> they took away in handcuffs? 最后被手铐铐走的那个人结婚吗?

SusanNo, Julie, she wasn’t married to Javier. 没有 朱莉 她没有跟哈维尔结婚

SusanThat was just one of her special friend. 他只是她一个特别的朋友

——>> I think we should change the subject. 我觉得我们是不是应该换个话题

——>> You know, unless you want to keep talking about it. 除非你还想谈

Mike: Bongo, get down. 邦戈 下去

Edie: Wait, wait… 等一下

Edie: Let me show you something. Bongo… 邦戈 你快看

Mike: He loves that gravy. 他超喜欢这个肉汁

Edie: Come. While you were in there tossing a salad, 当你在那边搅拌沙拉的时候

——>> I taught him something. 我教了他一些东西

——>> Up. Oh… 起来

Narrator: Susan was furious with Edie 苏珊很恼怒 伊迪用一只狗

——>> for using a dog to ingratiate herself with its owner. 来博取他主人的好感

——>> She was also furious with Mike for not 她也恼怒麦克

——>> seeing through this blatant maneuver. 没有看出这一明显的作秀

——>> But mostly… 但她最恼怒的是……

SusanSo, you know what, I’m gonna get the desserts. 我去拿甜点

Narrator: She was furious with herself for not having thought of it first. 她自己没有先想到这一招

Edie: You’re such a smart boy… 你真是个聪明的狗狗

Mike: I can barely get him to sit. 我连叫它坐下都不能

Edie: Best dog ever. Yes, you are. 目前我遇到的最棒的狗,是的,没错

Mike: I’ve never seen him walk on two legs. 我从来没见它用两条腿走路过

Edie: He knows who to come to, doesn’t he? 他知道该听谁的 难道不是么?

SusanHere’s your dessert. 甜点来了

Edie: Thank you. Mike, this looks yummy. 谢谢 麦克 看上去好吃极了

Mike: Oh, look at that. Looks like bongo’s 看那 看上去邦戈

——>> finally warming up to Susan. 终于跟苏珊亲密起来

SusanOoh, we just got off on the wrong foot. 我们只是一开始没有相处好

——>> We’re best buddies now. 我们现在是好朋友了

SusanOh, what a good boy! 真乖

——>> Bango, are you ok? 邦戈 你还好吧

Edie: What’s wrong with him?  它怎么了

Mike: I don’t know. 不知道

——>> I’ve never heard him make that sound. 从来没有听过它发出这样的叫声

——>> You ok, fella? 你还好吧

Julie: Mom? 妈妈

Mike: You all right? 你还好吗

Julie: Where is your earring? 你的耳环呢

Mike: You ok? 你还好吗

Mike: Call the vet, the number’s on the fridge. 打电话给兽医 电话在冰箱上

——>> Tell him I’ll be right there. 告诉他我马上到

Edie: Okay, don’t you worry about a thing. 别着急

——>> I’ll stay here and get everything cleaned up. 我会在这儿把一切整理干净的

Mike: Thanks, Edie. 谢谢 伊迪

SusanIs there anything I can do? 我能做些什么吗

Mike: No. 不用了

Blatant Maneuver:首先请注意这个词美式与英式的写法不一样,美式:Maneuver,英式:manoeuvre,据剑桥词典符合本段话意的解释:

Blatant:obvious or intentional, and done without worry about what others think.(明显的、公然的、有意的)

Maneuver:a cleverly planned action that is intended to get an advantage. (以赢得某种优势而精心谋划的行动)

以不正当或有违公平的手段达成自己的目的,而且通常情况下会损害他人的声誉及利益。 以下是关于“Maneuver”的情景举例:





E.G.1:The Chinese government was  furious with the blatant maneuver of Mike Pompeo and warned of action after he stated that Taiwan has not been a part of China.

E.G.2:Edies’ emphasis upon Bango barking against Susan as well as her unfortunate marriage is a pretty blatant maneuver aimed at discrediting the positions of her formidable opponent.

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