You don’t say:Used either to express surprise or lack of surprise in a humorous and slightly unkind way. (不至于吧、不是吧?)

看绝望的主妇学高频短语:You don't say

E.G.1:By the time he’s done finding loopholes and hiding assets, there’s nothing left to split. —You don’t say. (DH S05E21)


E.G.2:Things finally turned around. He got a big cash infusion. —You don’t say. (DH S06E21)


高频短语:“You don’t say”情景会话:(摘自绝望的主妇第二季第十七集)

A.A. Member:I’ve Never met an alcoholic yet who didn’t know exactly how long it’d been since his last drink. 我还没遇到哪个要戒酒的人 不知道自己滴酒未沾有多久了
Bree:Okay, you got me. 好吧 被你说中了
——>>I’m not really an alcoholic. 其实我不是真正的酗酒者
A.A. Member:You don’t say. 不是吧?
Bree:It’s true. I’m coming here because of my son. 真的 我来这是因为我儿子
——>>You see, he’s–he’s trying to take me to court to become an emancipated minor,  他想上法院争取脱离父母监管
——>>and he’s planning on lying to the judge and telling him that I am some sort of dreadful lush. 跟法官撒谎 说我是个不称职的母亲
——>>So I’m coming to these meetings to give the impression that I have changed. 所以我来此的目的是 要让他们认为我已经改过自新了
A.A. Member:But you don’t really need to change because you don’t have a problem with alcohol. 但是你并不是真的要改过 因为你根本不酗酒?
Bree:Exactly. 没错!


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