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Brees remark quoted from her father

My father was a prosecutor and he always said that the simplest explanation was usually the right one.


Occam’s razor, also known as the principle of parsimony or the law of parsimony,is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”, sometimes inaccurately paraphrased as “the simplest explanation is usually the best/correct one.

Occam’s razor is a principle of theory construction or evaluation according to which, other things equal, explanations that posit fewer entities, or fewer kinds of entities, are to be preferred to explanations that posit more.

Occam's razor:奥卡姆剃刀准则(逻辑理论)



Paul: Ladies. 女士们

Lynette: Hey, Paul, what’s up? 保罗 有事吗

Paul: I wanted to apologize for my outburst yesterday. 我想为我昨天的失控道歉

Lynette: Don’t worry about it. We unloaded a lot on you. 别放在心上 是我们给你太大压力了

Paul: I suppose you’re wondering why I 我想你们一定很想知道 为什么我对

——>> reacted so violently to that note. 那个纸条的反应那么强烈

Gabby: It did… cross our minds. 我们确实想过

Paul: Well, the truth is, Mary Alice was not a well person. 老实说 玛丽·艾丽丝当时的状况不太好

——>> She was very troubled. 她有很多问题

Lynette: Troubled? 什么问题

Paul: At first it was harmless. 开始并无大碍

——>> She’d leave herself notes, reminders like, 她给自己写便条啊 备忘啊 比如

——>> “pick up the milk” “别忘了买牛奶”

——>> or “Zach has a dentist appointment.” 或者 “扎克约了牙医”

——>> But over time the notes became ugly. 但是时间一长 情况就恶化了

——>> Hateful messages started showing up. 开始出现一些消极的留言

——>> Mary Alice was writing them to me, 玛丽·艾丽丝将它们写给我

——>> to Zach, to herself. 给扎克 也给她自己

Susan: He actually said Mary Alice was crazy? 他真的说玛丽·艾丽丝疯了

Lynette: Not in so many words, but everything Paul said 没说得这么明确 但是保罗说的每句话

——>> certainly made it seem like she was schizophrenic. 都好像是说 她得了精神分裂症

Gabby: I think he’s hiding something. I know it. 凭直觉 我想他在隐瞒什么

Bree: But wait, what about the tape? 等等 那卷录音带呢

——>> I mean she did say her name was Angela. 她把她的真名说成了安吉拉

Lynette: Mary Alice was not crazy. 玛丽·艾丽丝没疯

Bree: My father was a prosecutor and he always 我父亲是个检察官 他常说

——>> said that the simplest explanation was usually the right one. 最简单的解释通常都是对的

Susan: But remember the note said 想想那个纸条上说的

——>> “I know what you did. It makes me sick.” 我知道你干的好事 真恶心

——>> And I’m going to tell. “我要告诉别人”

——>> That’s not the kind of things someone writes to themselves. 这显然不是写给自己看的

——>> That’s a message sent by an enemy. 这是仇人所写的

According to the context,Paul provided an seemingly solid explanation for his outburst when he found out the information written on the note, he was astonished that his wife’s death was likely to be caused by the mysterious note, Paul can’t help but revealed his anguish and hatred at that moment instantly. In order to prevent those women getting tangled up in Mary Alice’s death, Paul wanted to give them a plausible excuse to cease their endless curiosity, therefore, he spined his wife’s mental illness.

As we can tell for this clip, the wives are sitting together to discuss Paul’s statement. Lynette was convinced that Mary Alice does not have any mental issues, Gaby presumed there’s more to it than that, while Bree believed “the simplest explanation was usually the right one. “as she points out that Mary Alice can’t even state her own name correctly, which clearly shows that she would rather stick to Paul’s explanation. As for Susan, she deemed that the note must had written by Mary’s enemy, and she also suggested that whomever wrote the note clearly wants to seek for revenge or tries to intimidate and blackmail her.

按照上下文的语境,Paul之前给四名主妇解释了——关于他得知纸条里的信息后情绪失控的原因,(看到这张纸条,他的第一反应就是原来自己老婆的开枪自杀是受到了别人的恐吓与威胁,他当时就控制不住自己的思妻之苦和报仇之恨),之后为了避免这帮主妇的刨根问底,他想找一个理由熄事宁人,于是就杜撰了Marry Alice因为精神问题写了一张自己恐吓自己的纸条。

四名主妇对Paul的话将信将疑,Lynette笃定Marry Alice精神正常,Gaby认为另有隐情,Bree提到录音带里Marry Alice连自己的名字都搞不清楚,并说了“the simplest explanation was usually the right one.”,表明她宁愿相信Paul的话,而Susan觉得应该是仇人所写,并暗示撰写这张纸条的人是想以此对Marry Alice进行报复或想要恐吓与敲诈她。


6123结构”是指用不定式、动名词短语和that引导的从句作宾语,带名词或 形容词作宾补时,使用it作形式宾语的复合宾语结构。

6、指主句中常用的动词:think, believe, make, find, consider, feel;

主语+(think/find / make /feel/believe/consider+it+adj./n)+(to do/doing/ that 从句):

主语+感官动词(6个)+it(形式宾语)+(名词/形容词)+(to do/动名词短语/ that 从句)



It is an honor to work for somebody that wise.


I consider it working for somebody that wise is an honor.



E.G.1:I think Yuan LongPing is a great person.

E.G.2: What Yuan LongPing has done makes me feel proud.



(1) to do sth:

I consider it an honor to work for somebody that wise.(DH.S05E05)


I find it a handy tool to keep abreast in this fast-paced world. (WC.S03E10)


I thought it best for all concerned to keep this quiet.  (DH.S03E13)

(2)动名词短语 (口语中特别少见,一般用于写作中,以描述人物当下的心态)

She considers it one of her finest moment talking with Yuan Longping.  她将跟袁隆平交谈视作她一生中最为高光的时刻之一。

He finds it hard keeping a secret from Senior.  他发现在过来人面前保守秘密很难。




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